Gift Bracelets celebrating the Christian Faith


Currently presented are 3 bracelets, The Gift of Hope, The Gift of Love and The Gift of Faith. Within each bracelet, each bead symbolizes a part of the Christian faith.  The beads were selected from all around the world for both their uniqueness and beauty.  Each bracelet comes with a Story Card detailing the meaning behind each bead in the bracelet.  Bracelets are packaged in a lovely box, and come with a beautiful white ribbon and voile jewelry pouch.  Bracelets are hand made in the USA by E.M. Foley Gift Shoppe.


Bracelets are priced at $29.99, plus applicable sales tax and S&H ($3.95 and up depending on location). Please call our store at 570-823-6490 or email to order.



The Gift of Hope


saying on card:  Life is our gift from God our creator.  He is the master of all things.  He gives us Faith to believe,  Hope in things to come, and Love to share with everyone.

Look to God in times of trouble, He will guide you.

Look to God in times of sadness or sorrow,
He will comfort you.

Look to God in times of happiness and joy,
 He will smile with you.

God is in all things, great and small. He is with you always, to guide you, teach you, and love you.

For God’s love is eternal. As His angels watch over you,
His light shines upon you.

May God's peace, calm you. May His joy, uplift your spirit.  His love, is with you forever and ever.


The Gift of Love


saying on card:  Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey. He was welcomed in the streets with palm branches as the crowd shouted “Hosanna in the Highest”

On the eve of Passover, Jesus shared His last supper with his 12 disciples. Later Jesus went to the garden of Gethsemane to pray and it was there He was betrayed by Judas for
 thirty silver coins.

Alone, Jesus carried His cross through town, with a crown of thorns upon his head.

The Son of God paid the price for our sins as He was nailed upon the cross. Jesus died and was buried. Three days later the stone from His tomb was rolled away and on that glorious day, He rose again.

Now Jesus lives and is seated at the right hand of  the Father in Heaven. Jesus did all of this because He loves us. All of this to give eternal life to those who believe in His name……Jesus.


The Gift of Faith


saying on card:  One wintery night, a bright star shone in the sky. The star guided  wisemen (Magi) to the small town of Bethlehem. The star led them to the Birth of Jesus.
Where is the one who has been born "King of the Jews"
We saw his Star in the East  and have come to worship him. They were bearing gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Jesus grew and became a carpenter, like his earthly father Joseph. In His time, He became a fisher of men. Jesus had twelve disciples, who followed Him and helped spread the word of Christ.

Then on one dark day, Jesus was crucified upon the cross. He died for us and through His sacrifice our sins were forgiven. After three days, He rose again. He is now seated with our Father in Heaven. He did all of this save us from our sins. All of this to give eternal life to those who believe in His name . . . Jesus.





Quotes from Customers:


“I gave a gift bracelet to a good friend who ended up wearing as a complement to her little black dress.  The bracelet stood out as the perfect accessory.”  - M. Fitzgerald, Kutztown, PA


“It is obvious that these bracelets are handmade – the quality is superb.  They make the most special gift!”  - T. Burns, Wilkes-Barre, PA